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I am Jennie, I'm probably the weirdest/coolest person you'll ever meet :)
Some Things about me-
Favorite Color: Green <3
Favorite Song: May it be by Enya from Lord of the rings :)
Favorite game: Pokemon Stadium
Favorite show: True Blood
Favorite Pokemon: Nine Tails
Favorite anime:Black Butler <3
I'm pre-engaged with the most wonderful guy ever James <3
And we have a lovly little girl named Lily-Rose <3
I live my life in peace now in Colorado <3

best love story and it was told in like a minute .source.


best love story and it was told in like a minute .source.

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14 hours ago

I promise to love you forever (for Louis) by Amanda Katherine Ricketson   (via audrotas)

(Source: -poetic, via iamaculvercreeknothing)

I promise to love you:

at 6 am when you’re waking
to go to work, to school, or whatever
road life takes you on;
and when you didn’t sleep well,
your hair is a mess
and your eyes are sleepy.

at 8 am when we say goodbye
for the day and you’re rushing
out the door with a cup
of black coffee, after finishing
a morning cigarette
when your lips taste like
caffeine and nicotine.

at 3 pm when you’re exhausted
from the day and people have
worn you out and you feel like
sighing, crying, and falling asleep
and escaping in afternoon dreams.
I will kiss your forehead,
and wrap myself in your arms.

at 10 pm when you’re heading to bed,
even though you won’t sleep for hours
and you’ll flip through all the channels
tired of dismal newscasts and re-runs.
Especially when we become a human knot
wrapped up in sheets and kisses

at 3 am when loneliness and sadness
do not destroy you, but consume you
and when you weep without an explanation
I’ll kiss your lips, softly and
tell you you’re the absolute best.
When we talk about life
and why winter kills the flowers.

I will love you when you grow old,
I will love you even after that
I will love you if I’m no longer here
I will love you
I will love you
and I will love you.


14 hours ago
Everyone&#8217;s loving this dead pool shirt today ♡ #cute #love #beautiful #sweet #love #selfie #deadpool #xmen

Everyone’s loving this dead pool shirt today ♡ #cute #love #beautiful #sweet #love #selfie #deadpool #xmen

22 hours ago
Haha this is great! XD #perfect #pewdiepie #cool #funny

Haha this is great! XD #perfect #pewdiepie #cool #funny

1 day ago


The Kermode Bear British Columbia, Canada

With less than 500 of them on Earth, Kermode Bears, also known as Spirit Bears, are rarer than Pandas. Kermode bears are a subspecies of the American Black Bear, about 1/10 of the American Black Bear species having this rare cream colored fur.

Images by: Paul Nicklen.

1 day ago


Somewhere in the wilderness of Northern Finland a male bear and female wolf strikes up an unlikely friendship, each evening after a hard-day’s hunting this pair could be seen sharing dinner together while enjoying the sunset. Between the hours of  8pm and 4am they would stay in each other’s company.

(photo: Lassi Rautiainen)
1 day ago
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